“What Exactly Is Case Management Software?”

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CMS is a high-impact asset if it’s a good match for the practice. Why is it so underutilized?

We talked to a lot of people at ILTACON 2017, and one take-away for us is that the term “Case Management” is more abused and ambiguous than ever – and at a time when clarity is critical to optimizing practice efficiency.

There are so many connotations for CMS because:
– Lots of applications are improperly categorized as CMS that simply aren’t
– CMS, like practices, vary tremendously in their focus and functions
We’ll address the many components that can comprise case management systems, then focus on those that are most essential to well-coordinated practices.

This is an illuminating topic for practice support and litigation support managers, corporate and litigation attorneys, knowledge management leaders, and other stakeholders who want to increase their knowledge of operating efficiencies for law firms or how case management can be used in a law firm and other practice environments.
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Chuck Cole, Director of Client Engagement at LucidIQ, has extensive experience in business process management (BPM), project management, strategic knowledge management & other roles that optimize use of information & results. Chuck helps our clients implement innovative practices & strategies that optimize effectiveness & value. Chuck holds an M.B.A from Georgetown U.


Tom O’Connor is the Director of the Gulf Coast Legal Technology Center, a legal think tank based in New Orleans. He is a well-known consultant & speaker & is also a prolific writer in the area of computerized litigation support systems. Tom’s consulting experience is primarily in complex litigation matters where he has worked on numerous major cases, most recently the BP litigation.button