CaseManagerPro Legal Case Management Software: Meeting the needs of the most demanding practices

CaseManagerPro legal case management software brings every element of your cases and matters into a centralized, well-organized system that is adapted to match your specific practice needs. Every person and company, document and note, deadline and issue can be captured, managed, reported, linked and shared to provide ready access to whatever you need, when you need it.

CaseManagerPro allows the entire team involved in a case or matter — including inside counsel, law firms and trusted third parties — to be better organized and connected to all elements of a case, wherever they are.

When you use CaseManagerPro to manage cases you can expect many benefits, including unmatched client responsiveness, improved productivity and reduced costs. We’ve created unique features that allow you to fine-tune the system to your specific needs. You’ll find that CaseManagerPro is backed by a very experienced, intelligent and client-driven team that works to ensure that the system meets and exceeds the needs of every client.

CaseManagerPro fully integrates unique data and practice requirements throughout the system, even in the most complex scenarios, so they can be used to gain efficiency and accuracy, help teams communicate more effectively and provide better reporting and analysis.

  • Records can be adapted to specialized requirements with easily created custom content and workflow based on record type and category.
  • A wide range of field types and admin-managed controls provide great flexibility.
  • Data can be formatted for consistency, validity and reliability.
  • Admin-managed specialized records provide content with unique relational ties that lend context and ease of access to other records (contacts, cases, documents, etc.).
  • Custom interfaces, data conversion, nightly updates and more can be developed to meet client requirements.

CaseManagerPro helps each firm meet its goals because it systemizes data management and practice standards, which dramatically improves consistency, reliability and efficiency.

  • Admin tools provide ways to easily create and manage content and processes.
  • Workflow features group tasks into processes on all major records.
  • Workflow establishes standard processes with decision-tree functions, role and name-based assignments with auto-alerts.
  • Custom data sections are easily configured to match standard forms, create checklists and capture specific data in format.
  • Data, status and exceptions are all available in highly adaptable reports that improve both production and supervision.
  • Transaction reports and activity logs provide review and enforcement capability.

CaseManagerPro provides ready access to relevant, contextual information to support every role, making everyone more valuable to the practice.

  • CMP is browser-based, providing secure online access from most Web-enabled devices.
  • Controls for user access and security rights are managed by your designated administrator.
  • The user interface allows for easy access and intuitive navigation for all levels of user.
  • Highly adaptable reports are easily created and provide role or group-specific data from across the system.
  • Report content is managed by conditional criteria that focus results to the need.
  • Pending tasks populate calendars based on admin-managed criteria, auto-workflow and user groups.
  • Reports, calendars and internal messaging can be delivered within the system and via email, with links to relevant records.

CaseManagerPro is easily configured and deployed from scratch within days of a liability event, and within hours if the groundwork is in place.

  • SaaS and in-house installation options are available.
  • Content and security controls manage user rights that can be granted, revised and rescinded as necessary.
  • Low-cost test sites and training can be provided for planning and testing.

The Lucid IQ team has the legal, operational and technological experience and expertise to make a good practice or vision a great one.

  • We’ve implemented some of the largest and most complex case/matter projects … ever.
  • We specialize in streamlining mass tort, MDL, class action and other complex litigation.
  • We have expertise in legal practices, business processes, litigation support, case and matter management, database and Web-based technologies and systems.
  • We provide options for training: onsite, remote and video.
  • We can convert, migrate and integrate data and documents from other sources.
  • We provide help desk and 24/7 emergency tech support.

Choose CaseManagerPro and make the most out of your practice.