When you choose CaseManagerPro, you have the choice of a SaaS (hosted) model, local installation of the software on your own network, or hosting by a third party. Consider the following when determining which delivery model is best for your organization.

Cloud (SaaS) – Hosted Practice Management by Lucid IQ

Lucid IQ installs a separate instance of the CaseManagerPro software with a unique URL (Web address) for each client on a server that it controls and manages. Lucid IQ’s servers physically reside in data centers owned by one of the top-rated operators of such facilities in the U.S. (Gartner*).

Users access the software via the Internet using a browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox.

Benefits of the SaaS/cloud-hosted model:

  • No capital investment required for technology infrastructure. Lucid IQ incurs the investment for the servers and other hardware, SQL Server and other software, the firewall appliance and other security and support systems, and the physical space at top-tier primary and secondary data centers
  • Minimize misspent manager and admin time siphoned off to address IT issues. Lucid IQ manages and maintains all hardware, software and systems infrastructure, including disaster recovery planning
  • Lower operating overhead. Better utilize or lower cost of IT services. Lucid IQ manages backups, updates, data security, facilities and other aspects of the technology and data management system, including help desk support
  • Improved practice. By applying economies of scale and principles of core competencies, you can focus on the business of law, outsourcing the business of technology to an accomplished provider

Client-Hosted Practice Management

Whether installed on a Web server on your own network or with a third-party host provider, you can select and control the system environment and IT management. Users still access the software using a browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Benefits of the installed (client-hosted) model:

  • The client organization controls all hardware, software and systems infrastructure.
  • Your IT team can make use of existing hardware and software resources.
  • Your IT staffing may be such that there is no material change in operating overhead.
  • Cost savings for licensing may be realized over the longterm, as initial licensing fees are a one-time charge, followed by smaller maintenance charges in subsequent years.

Additional Services

Lucid IQ provides a range of additional services to ensure your success. Services, available via purchase of blocks of hours, may include:

  • Operations assessment
  • Custom configuration of CaseManagerPro for your environment
  • Admin and user training

When you engage us to assist you with practice management services, Lucid IQ will provide project specifications and budget for your approval.