Case/Matter Management

  • Case- or client-centric POV
  • Monitor crucial information and events
  • Easily customize content by practice needs
  • Specialized features for mass tort, docketing and compliance

Achieve Practice Goals

  • Stay organized
  • Get more done
  • Enhance client service
  • Improve responsiveness


Collaboration Tools

  • Instant messaging between team members
  • Group calendar management
  • DMS with version control
  • Easily share case duties across multiple offices or across the globe

Increase Productivity

  • Get more done in less time
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Improve data accuracy


Easy Administration

  • Easily create and manage content
  • Configure sections to match standard forms, create checklists and manage case-specific data
  • Establish standard workflows with role and name-based assignments and auto alerts

Gain Greater Efficiencies

  • Improve responsiveness
  • Decrease reliance on outside support
  • Control quality of data



  • Track important events and meetings
  • Populated with workflow-generated tasks
  • Powerful group and subject calendar control
  • Synchronize with Outlook calendar

Never Miss an Important Deadline

  • Improve communication
  • Stay organized


Contact Management

  • Everyone – including clients, staff, counsel, experts and related parties
  • Complete content control by contact type
  • Powerful CRM features
  • Outlook integration

Build and Nurture Client Relationships

  • Have more information on every contact
  • Maintain accurate details
  • Save time by integrating other tools


Document Management

  • Store all case documents — any file types
  • Batch upload and profiling
  • Customized content based on document type
  • Workflow for collaboration and life cycle management
  • Powerful CRM features
  • Search options include full text with “hit” highlighting and links

Simplify and Control Business Processes

  • Better manage compliance
  • Operate more efficiently
  • Improve consistency
  • Streamline operations


Global Search

  • Simple key word search, Boolean search, wildcard search and advanced filtering

Save Time and Money

  • Find key information quickly
  • Be more productive


Outlook Email Integration

  • Drag-and-drop messages
  • Batch/group uploads

Operate More Efficiently

  • View communications in case context
  • Access relevant communications


Workflow Management

  • Create tasks, deadlines and assignments within the case
  • Auto-deliver via messaging and email tasks to the responsible user

Get More Done Every Day

  • Gain efficiencies through automation
  • Improve accuracy
  • Manage more and larger cases



  • Allocate expense items across cases or clients
  • Capture billable hours for invoicing
  • Billing system integration

Maximize Profitability

  • Access better information about every client and case
  • Improve efficiency with integrated tools


Reports and Metrics

  • Define and track key trends and metrics
  • Create a client communication log in minutes

Improve the Quality of Data

  • Make better informed management decisions
  • Save time


Web Accessible

  • Any PC or device with Internet access

Operate More Efficiently

  • Work anywhere
  • Access data when you need it, 24/7


User Profile Management
SSL Secure Data Transfer

  • Define and control user access and activity

Improve Security

  • Secure client data
  • Allow role-based security


Integration with Leading Tools

  • Shares with Outlook, Exchange, Microsoft Office programs and various accounting, docketing, DMS, records retrieval, e-filing and other applications

Increase Productivity

  • Access relevant case information, even if it resides on another platform