• What is CasemanagerPro?

    CaseManagerPro is a Web-based case and matter management system that allows legal professionals to store and share documents, contacts, schedules and communications in a single environment.

  • Who uses CaseManagerPro?

    CaseManagerPro is used by lawyers, paralegals and litigation support professionals in law firms of all sizes as well as government and corporate legal departments. The document management, CRM, workflow and matter management features in CaseManagerPro are powerful and flexible enough to support very large firms handling defense in highly complex litigation.

    CaseManagerPro is powerfully simple to navigate and use – for even the most basically-skilled users – and it is affordable for mid-sized and smaller firms in plaintiff work, mainstream litigation, administrative management and investigations.

    Our clients range from Am Law 100 firms to solo practitioners and from insurance companies to Fortune 500 corporations. See who uses CaseManagerPro.

  • How can my legal team benefit from CaseManagerPro?

    Efficient and Effective Case Management:

    CaseManagerPro specializes in organizing information and operations with easily-applied features, such as workflow, user-defined data and record content, tracking and communication tools that dramatically improve consistency, reliability and efficiency of legal case management. Law firms using CaseManagerPro are able to streamline operations, reduce errors, track information and manage compliance for better responsiveness and productivity.

    Responsive Client Service:

    CaseManagerPro provides ready access to relevant, contextual information to support legal strategies and decision making, allowing you to focus on the matter at hand and rapidly respond to the needs of clients and the demands of the courts.

    Improved Bottom Line:

    Law firms surveyed report practice management tasks (i.e., document management, filing, docketing, billing and oversight) as the top activities consuming non-billable work hours. CaseManagerPro simplifies and streamlines those tasks, freeing attorneys and staff to spend more hours on billable activity.

  • Do we need a network server for CaseManagerPro?

    No IT infrastructure investment is required. CaseManagerPro is a Web-based legal case management software application. Case team members can use a desktop or laptop computer, tablet or any other Internet-capable device to access information.

    CaseManagerPro can be run on your organization’s network, by Lucid IQ or by the hosting provider of your choice. Take a look at available implementation options.

  • How much does CaseManagerPro cost?

    CaseManagerPro’s SaaS platform is sold at a subscription rate of $60 per month or less, per user. Manage every case and matter, every client, and store every contract, motion, pleading and deposition, all in one place, for less than the cost of phone service. See pricing details.