CaseManagerPro Video Library

The CaseManagerPro Video Library comprises of video tutorials to enable your user accomplish different case management tasks efficiently using CaseManagerPro. This video library on YouTube is exclusively available for all the users of CaseManagerPro.

Training options

Lucid IQ offers custom CaseManagerPro training, tailored to our clients’ individual needs. Setup of CaseManagerPro is fast and easy, and education starts as soon as your users are ready. CaseManagerPro is highly intuitive, so training takes place within a reasonable amount of time.

Levels of CMP training:

  • Basic End-User:
    • For users with specific and limited job functions, such as data entry.
    • For users with limited database access and security rights
  • Power-User:
    • For advanced users with broad database access and security rights
    • Covers all areas of the database except administrator functions
  • Administrator:
    • Advanced education on all areas of the database for on-site administrators
    • Includes everything in the power-user training plus user maintenance, keyword/custom section creation and management, development of workflow processes, reports and the administration of system functions and updates
  • Train-the-Trainer:
    • Extension of the administrator training, with emphasis on best practices and procedures for training other users
  • Partner:
    • Program geared for partners to cover all aspects of implementation of the CMP database in various environments
  • Data Schema/Architecture:
    • Limited program specifically addressing the CMP schema and architecture to enable users to write reports using third-party reporting tools