Easily tailor CaseManagePro for your legal case workflow

Practice management can adapt to your strategy. When you can turn on a dime to produce ad hoc reports and can answer questions quickly and definitively, you build a solid rapport with clients.

In its standard form, CaseManagerPro handles case management — end-to-end — with great features for managing contacts, cases, documents, calendars, communications and virtually anything else that might be required.

But sometimes you have a key client need, such as a particularly complex case type or management requirements, or just a brilliant idea for setting your firm apart. In these cases, the Lucid IQ team will work with you to tailor the software or your practice management workflow to really shine, and even teach your staff to manage most specialized requirements in-house.

CaseManagerPro has powerful “Admin Tools” you can manage yourself:

  • Workflow
  • Calendar
  • Reports
  • Custom sections
  • Keyword fields

Some examples of our customization services at work:

  • Case data migration – move or import case data and documents from your existing tools into CaseManagerPro.
  • Enhancements in CaseManagerPro to handle multi-district litigation (MDL).
  • Multi-layered management of commercial property for real estate.
  • Customized document creation, from cover letters to complex forms and reports, pulling from your case data.
  • Mass data updates keep multi-year, multi-case matters up to date with accurate information.

These are just examples. We encourage you to talk with us about your goals. We take pride in our ability to quickly create and implement solutions that will delight you and your clients.

On customization projects, we offer additional configuration, setup, training and support, data conversion, and custom development services. Call or email to start the conversation about your specific needs. We’ll design a solution and implement it at an affordable hourly rate. We also manage data projects and provide quality control reviews and other services, allowing you to be involved at a level that is comfortable for you.