Advanced Services

The CaseManagerPro implementation process and training are customized to the needs of your organization and practices. Our goal is to help you meet yours by making you efficient and self-sufficient in the use of CaseManagerPro.

With CaseManagerPro, you can do well on your own, but you aren’t alone. New and experienced users alike can call on the Lucid IQ team for advanced services like technical projects or consulting. Here are some examples of the challenges we can assist with:

  • Data standardization and migration to/from standalone databases such as Excel, Access, Oracle, DB2 and others
  • Data standardization and migration to/from other legal practice management or eDiscovery tools, such as Concordance, CaseMap, Case Notebook, AD Summation and others
  • Data movement from document management systems such as SharePoint and Open Text, calendar and contact management applications
  • Develop custom code to integrate other applications with CMP

Hourly Consulting

We also can help you manage data projects, provide quality control reviews and other services at rates commensurate with the work. Our additional development, technical, consulting and training services are offered at an hourly rate.