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CaseManagerPro Documents

CaseManagerPro Webinar: Failing Expectations: Where’s the Promised ROI of Technology? (PDF)
Why Is Technology Failing Us (with notes)

CaseManagerPro Tour
See screenshots and annotations that introduce the basic design and user interface of CaseManagerPro.

CaseManagerPro Features Overview
Get a two-page overview of key CaseManagerPro features.

CaseManagerPro Technology Overview
Learn more information about the background, architecture and technology behind CaseManagerPro.

CaseManagerPro On-Premise Installation Guidelines
Read the basic requirements and recommendations for installing CaseManagerPro on-premise.

CaseManagerPro Background, Platform, and Feature Summary
Read the background summary about Lucid IQ and CaseManagerPro.

CaseManagerPro Quick Start Guide (available for CaseManagerPro users)
An easy to use guide for getting started with CaseManagerPro.

CaseManagerPro Quick Reference Guides (available for CaseManagerPro users)
An extensive collection of reference guides (one to two pages) for accomplishing different case management related tasks using CaseManagerPro.

CaseManagerPro User Guide (available for CaseManagerPro users)
A user guide for providing complete understanding regarding the features and usage of CaseManagerPro.

CaseManagerPro Installation Guides (available for CaseManagerPro users)
Installation guidelines and instructional guides for installing CaseManagerPro and its components.

CaseManagerPro Setting Guide (available for CaseManagerPro users)
Instructional guides for setting up the configuration settings of Internet Explorer to start using CaseManagerPro.

Additional Information: CaseManagerPro and Lucid IQ

Lucid IQ Announces the Release of CaseManagerPro v3.8.