Focus more on clients and cases, and less on non-billable activity

Here are a few of the many benefits of CaseManagerPro:
Address highly specialized requirements effectively
Control documents, contacts and communications to match your needs

Manage Volume and Complexity
An array of tools and features supports large cases and multi-district litigation

Practice Management, Streamlined
Have improved access to information in an easy-to-use platform

Spend Less Time Training and More Time Producing
Easy to learn and get up and running

Improve Communication and Collaboration
Direct messages, notes, automated reports and workflow simplify communication and work

Stay Organized and Get More Done
All case documents are found in one place

Take Client Service to the Next Level
Reports and information sharing keep clients informed

Find Key Documents Easily
With CMP, all case documents and email are in a single place, so they’re easy to find and share

Work Anywhere, 24/7
Access case files from a laptop, tablet or any Internet-capable device

Never Miss a Deadline
Customizable workflow, calendar and reminders keep your team on task and on time

Earn More, Save More
Expense tracking and billing features optimize the bottom line

Make Informed Decisions
Quality and depth of information supports keen insight and counsel