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Finding Powerful Case Mgmt in the Cloud
In the Cloud or in-house, handle even the most complex litigation effectively, securely and responsibly

Organizing Clients, Cases, Documents
Develop your practice with all the right tools

Streamlining Your High-Volume Practice
Put information where it's needed, as it's needed

Adapting Quickly for New Demands
Prepare overnight for any opportunity or challenge

Dominating Complex Matter Management
Organize, systemize, automate, manage, report

Best Practices and Compliance Demands
Create standards, monitor activity, deliver results

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What our clients say…
Lucid IQ has taken their case management software and adapted it to our specialized legal practice with outstanding results.

Brad Cronin
Cronin, Cronin & Harris - NY

Powerful Legal Case Management in the Cloud

One reason CaseManagerPro is the leading web-based/Cloud-based legal case management software is that it has an immediate, positive impact on almost any practice. Whether you use CMP for litigation, transactional or client relationship management (CRM), it can handle "big data" on a global scale while streamlining your intake, notification, and litigation management processes.

Organizing Clients, Cases, Documents…

From the supurb screen layouts to the powerful workflow engine, Case Manager Pro lets you organize all the data, documents and records in your case or matter logically in a way that makes the information easy to locate. The result is a system that is reliable and easy to use. (more)

Streamlining Your High-Volume Practice

There is value in redundancy if your systems reduce cost and improve outcomes. Product liability, IP, VA claims, franchising, real estate transactions, criminal proceedings… if it can be systemized you can do more with less. A variety of case management tools let you capture, manage and deliver information that's relevant to the specific use to which it is applied. (more)

Adapting Quickly for New Demands

When an opportunity presents, a competent CMP admin can setup a customized case management system in hours - not weeks or months. That means you can be up and running almost immediately or setup data fields, workflow, reports and such to show your client that you are responsive and capable of exceeding their expectations.

Best Practices and Compliance Demands

Practice Standards help to assure consistent results whether they are used for internal management, client requirements or regulatory compliance. CMP is designed not only to systemize the work, but also to supervise the important aspects of the system and to report on every aspect of the practice and results.

Dominating Complex Matter Management

Organize, systemize, standardize, automate, manage, report - everything you need for the most complex practice has been tested time and again for over a decade. There are literally millions of MDL, workers' comp, mass tort and other cases and claims managed in CaseManagerPro. Our clients wouldn't go to anyone else.