Custom tools for Mass Torts

Streamline intake,
standardize workflow,
& simplify reporting

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It’s all about the tools

Without the right tools, managing complex cases is like trying to climb Mount Everest with a fanny pack and a walking stick.

For 20 years CaseManagerPro has been helping law firms manage complex cases (like Mass Torts and MDLs) to increase their productivity and quality of service.

Using CaseManagerPro, legal teams can streamline intake management, standardize workflow and accelerate the reporting process.

How we do it

We start with your people and your priorities.
We partner with key employees from crucial roles within your firm.
We work with them early and often during the implementation process to detail their workflow priorities.
We focus on what will create the greatest leverage to increase their productivity and quality of service.

This approach creates value for your firm and buy-in from your team.

Intake tools

The intake process for complex cases can be time-consuming, resource intensive and ripe for mistakes. Using our Dynamic Intake Templates, teams can upload hundreds of columns and thousands of rows of information within a couple of clicks, as easy as adding an attachment to an email. Automated CMP Agents can work behind the scenes to input standard case information and quality control case rules and data requirements.

Workflow tools

Coordination and collaboration are critical in managing complex cases. Using our Workflow Engine, our process experts will work with your team to codify your best practices into CMP.

These sophisticated tools allow your team to group tasks, key dates, acknowledgements, and decision trees into discrete processes and automatically trigger them during high-priority moments throughout the lifecycle of a case.

Reporting tools

Waiting for information impacts your decision-making process and the quality of your services. Using CMP’s Interactive Calendars, managers can easily “slice-and-dice” what’s going on at every level and at every stage with all cases or just one. Using CMP’s Report Scheduling Generator, all reports can be scheduled on any timeline and with any frequency, delivered via email as an attachment.

If one click is too much, CMP can send your important information, like tallies and financial totals, directly to the body of your email – Zero Click Reporting. You don’t even need a smartphone app to have access to your key information, just your email.

The Bottom Line:

Lucid IQ recognizes that firms don’t have the time or money to waste on technology that doesn’t deliver real tangible value, almost immediately.

We know that efficiency and effectiveness are critical to meeting and
exceeding your clients’ expectations, now so more than ever.

If you or your team manages complex cases, Lucid IQ would love to let you know how we can help!

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