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Cloud-Based, Web-Based, Hosted or Installed: Your Choice!

Whatever you call it, or however you wish to install it, Case Manager Pro ("CMP") will work for you. We can set up your CMP system quickly and have you working from anywhere you have an Internet connection without any investment in servers, networks or other major IT costs. Or we can work with your IT department to give you that web-based experience using your internal hardware. Either way, you get the portability and freedom of working "in the Cloud" with the security and reliability you need in a mission-critical tool.

Web-based Legal Case Management with CMP provides:
  • 24/7 local and remote access through the Internet
  • Inter-Office access for staff, co-counsel, clients, etc.
  • Lower installation and maintainenance costs
  • Ease of use in a familiar web format
  • Optional hosting by Lucid IQ or your preferred data center

CMP is true "web-based" legal case management software, regardless of the way you install and access it. That means you get all the convenience of web-based software--configurability, remote accessibility, scalability, customizable security and massive data management--whether you use a PC or other Internet-capable device.

Ready to Work "In the Cloud?"

CaseManagerPro has been a web-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), tool for legal case management since 2003. We were "in the Cloud" before some of our competitors were even created.

Customers using our hosted (SaaS) solution have avoided buying expensive servers, investing in high-level cybersecurity systems, configuring and running data backups, buying professional-grade backup power supplies, building climate-controlled server rooms and creating redundant data centers for disaster preparedness purposes.

They let Lucid IQ take care of all those things so they can focus on their clients and cases. We do the backups, upgrades and server maintenance while you work wherever you are with confidence that your data is secure, backed up daily, maintained within the U.S., and fully compliant with applicable data privacy laws and rules of professional responsibility.

In addition, we offer to our SaaS/Cloud-based customers, at no extra charge:

  • 1 Gigabyte of data and document storage
  • Online training videos and materials
  • Phone and email helpdesk support
  • Unique, custom web address (URL)

Whether you are a solo practitioner or part of a global practice group, the Cloud-based SaaS option for Case Manager Pro will have you up and running virtually overnight with little risk or upfront expense.

If you plan to work with multiple offices or law firms or as coordinating counsel for multi-district litigation (MDL), you can set up a separate system in the Cloud for each project, group of co-counsel or multi-district litigation effort. When the litigation or project is over, either set up another large project or download the data and close it out.

Local Installation or Third-party Hosting

Some of our larger customers choose to install CMP in their own data centers. That way, they provide the hardware and database maintenance and control the frequency and timing for software updates. CMP works within your local area network the same way it does as a Cloud-based case management system.

Other customers, especially those with outsourced IT departments, choose their own data center and let that center handle the hosting, up-time guarantees and data protection.

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