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CaseManagerPro is a very powerful and highly versatile web-based case and matter management system designed for legal practices that will benefit from better defined data, process and management structure.

Our clients range from small firms and corporate legal departments to Fortune 100 corporations and mega-firms – even insurance companies, real estate advisors and other businesses.

What they all share is the need to manage more information more effectively. The reasons are all over the board – compliance, complexity, volume, oversight – as are the types of information they manage.

If your needs aren’t met by the basic case, matter, document, docket, CRM or other legal apps on the market we may have the solution you’re looking for. Take a look and let us know if we might be able to help.

CMPv3 Overview

CaseManagerPro (“CMP”, "CMPx", “CMPv3”) is the #1 web-based legal case management system for good reasons.

  • Its unparalleled history of true web-based design for over ten years
  • The power to handle millions of cases, claims, and documents
  • The versatility to tackle the toughest practices
  • The scalability to match any size of practice
  • Results-centric features to satisfy users and clients alike

Brilliant Background

It wasn’t easy, but we had the advantage of starting in 1999 with a few ‘rocket scientists’ and a timely challenge. The rocket scientists were our founders, all lead engineers from Raytheon. A substantial client presented the challenge in the form of massive and complex multi-district litigation (see Company History).

Our intrepid engineers deconstructed the known legal universe in four or five dimensions and reconstructed it categorically. To make a good story great (shorter), the demands of the job, the background of the engineers and numerous adventures into the Scientific Method yielded a unique case management solution, now in its third generation.

  • Sleek and powerful. Capacity and complexity demand manageability. Ease of use, process management, logical layout, automation, reporting – all basic requirements.
  • Incredibly adaptable. Our rock-solid database retains data integrity with great flexibility that’s enhanced by functional design that puts the customer in control.
  • “Faster, better, cheaper”. Pick any three! Web-based design, usability with user control, data and functional depth, automation, and more. It delivers it all.

Time-Proven Platform

Experience counts, and no company comes close to matching our 10+ year track record of truly web-based case management, much less the results. CMPv3 has been provided as an online service (SaaS or “in the Cloud”) since 2003, or it can be installed in-house at the customer location (see Cloud/SaaS or Installed).

CMPv3 is the third generation of CaseManagerPro, and the third with a Microsoft SQL-Server backend, again years ahead of the market. Brilliant!

Customer-Proven Versatility

CMPv3 is also the most scalable and adaptable case management system available – and really easy to use. Our clients range from small law firms to mega corporations; from a handful to hundreds of users; from a few dozen to a few million cases and claims; from mass-tort to family law; from in-house corporate to admin claims processing.

See some of the ways our clients use different features to accomplish their goals at Practice Applications

The Right Tools

Your objective is results… at every level. We provide a variety of tools that can adapt to practically any job requirements.

  • Data. Create fields to match the need for cases, documents, clients… whatever. You can have them appear all of the time, or only for certain situations.
  • Processes & Calendars. Create standard practices, docket schedules, steps to manage admin processes like patent apps or claim processing. Trigger tasks, get alerts and follow them on specialized job, group or practice custom calendars.
  • Reports. Easily create reports to deliver any data online or via email. Deliver relevant data for any need – staff member, attorney, client, admin… whomever.

For more detailed information on the features and functions of CMPv3,
see Feature Summaries

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