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CaseManagerPro is a web-based application, so it is installed on a web-server and accessed via a web-browser app such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. The host maintains the web-server hardware and software, backs-up data and generally supports the software installation.

The host can be anyone equipped to provide the service: the customer can host CMPv3 in-house; Lucid IQ provides hosting services; a third party can be engaged to host the software (subject to special terms). Regardless of who is hosting the case management system, it is the same version of CMPv3 that is installed, so every customer has the same initial capabilities as any other.

It’s very rare for smaller firms to host CMPv3 in-house, usually opting for the reduced overhead and headaches of maintaining their own technology. Practice groups from larger firms also have a strong preference for SaaS. Larger firms doing broad deployments most often opt for internal deployment, though SaaS now seems to be on the rise there as well.

Because the screens, security and features are tailored to each user's needs and preferences, each person who uses Case Manager Pro needs their own license. CMP uses the license as one method of restricting access to your confidential data as well as ensuring that the screen settings are the same whether you log in at the office, at home or on the road. (For Cloud-based/SaaS systems, the license is also called a "subscription." )

SaaS/Cloud-Based Pricing (Lucid IQ Hosts Your System)

A solo practitioner can get started with Case Manager Pro's Cloud-based legal case management software for $60 per month or $600 per year if prepaid annually. Group rates and quantity discounts can reduce the per-user subscription. The subscription includes all hosting services, dual data tracking, daily data backup, software updates, phone and email helpdesk support, access to free online training materials, 24/7 emergency systems support and a guaranteed "up time" of 99%.

There are charges to work with your team to setup the program to meet your needs just as there would be for in-house installation (CMP Enterprise immediately below). Please review the Additional Services section below to see how we actively seek to minimize the cost of implementing CaseManagerPro.

CMP Express (CMPx)

CMPx is a special initiative for small practices designed to keep down the cost of acquiring and implementing such a powerful and versatile program. One way this is accomplished is by providing predefined data areas, workflow processes, reports and other default configurations as a baseline to help minimize the time, effort and training required. These are based on general practices as well as specific ones, but the capabilities of CaseManagerPro are retained, so it’s as versatile as ever.

A library of training videos is growing every month to guide our customers through implementation and later to train new employees. Migration of standardized data such as Outlook Contacts can usually be migrated into CMPv3 at little or no charge. Of course there is a user manual, quick-start guide and other materials to assist our customers to make the most of their practice.

CMP Installed Software Pricing

If you choose to install Case Manager Pro's web-based legal case management software on your own servers or in a third-party data center, you can purchase the software for $795 per user plus a 20% annual maintenance fee. Quantity discounts are available. The annual maintenance fee includes updates, telephone and email support.

Custom Services

Although CMP's standard screens and the basic customer set-up will handle nearly every customer's legal case management and CRM needs, Lucid IQ knows that in some cases, there are unusual challenges related to the way a firm or practice group works or the unique aspects of the litigation. In these cases, we offer additional configuration, set-up, training and support, data conversion, and custom development services. Call or email to start the conversation about your specific needs.

Additional Services

Lucid IQ tries to minimize the initial and ongoing cost of services in a number of ways. We consult on how best to configure CMPv3 to meet your needs, migrate data into CMPv3 from other systems, develop custom integration features, make custom enhancements to the program, provide training, build specialized reports and run nightly “jobs” for specific purposes. We bring value because we can do these things very well and efficiently.

While it’s common for service providers to do the work and come back time and again for updates, we much prefer to setup the program with your staff, training them to understand the process and reducing both initial and long-term cost. CMPv3 is so easy to use and configure that most users with a modicum of software or tech experience quickly learn how to manage the program. All customers, not just those in the CMP Express program, have access to our user manual, training video and other online resources.

Our additional development, technical, consulting and training services are offered for an hourly rate of $175. Blocks of time may also be purchased at discounted rates averaging down to $140. We also manage data projects, provide quality control reviews and other services at lower rates commensurate with the work.

Contact us for a detailed price sheet or to bid a project.

CaseManagerPro licensing and maintenance can be purchased for in-house installation on your own server, or Lucid IQ will host it Software as a Service (SaaS or "In the Cloud").

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