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The Calculator is UNDER CONSTRUCTION. You’ll soon be able to offer and accept purchase orders, submit payments and save scenarios. For now, use the Calculator to estimate the price of CMPv3 licensing and services.
  • The Calculator automatically applies appropriate rates based on the type and number of licenses and services.
  • Enter a number in a Green box and the Calculator will give you an estimated charge.
  • Write over a Blue box’s estimated hours to adjust the hours of service (e.g.: maybe you need more or less training or have a tough database to migrate).
  • Re-enter a number in a Green box to get the original or new default estimate of hours.
  • Add your own service items in the last section with an estimate of service hour required.
The Calculator is only for estimating cost. It is not an offer to sell products or services.

Licensing and Hosting Services

Number of Users Cost Per User Annual Cost

Maintenance and Helpdesk

Included in SaaS Charges

Professional Services (estimate for illustrative purposes only; practices vary widely)

Practice Group Set-up Est. Hours
Standard Practice Groups
Complex Practice Groups

Data Migration
Standard CRM
(e.g.: Outlook)
Other Databases
(e.g.: Add 1 hour per 25 database fields)
Documents File Server
(Standardized Layout)

Training Sessions
Admin Users
(Expert - Control Settings)
Power Users
(Advanced - Data, Reporting)
Data & Document Entry
(Intermediate - Data Capture)
Attorney & Managers
(Basic - Nav, Report User)

Other Services
# of Hours $ / Hour $ Total

Total Licensing and Services

Units $ / Unit Total
Installed Licenses
Maintenance and Support (Annual)
Total Professional Services

Total Licenses and Services

Contact Information

First Name
Last Name
Email Address
Company Name
Phone Number
Phone Extension
Fax Number


Address 1
Address 2

Credit Card Information

Card Number
Security Code
Name on Card
Expiration Date

Billing Address

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