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Lucid IQ envisioned CaseManagerPro in early 2000 and immediately began its tradition of creative design and bold leadership. The foundation of the company derived from the certitude of Richard Spies that his business knowledge applied directly to the legal industry and brilliant engineering led by Kevin Ames.

Opting for a web-based platform from its genesis, they eschewed the post dot-com “anti-net” hysteria in favor of the superior technology. SQL-Server was selected for the database because Oracle was expensive to license and costly to develop, while other options were simply not up to the task.

Ten years later Lucid IQ is the only case management SaaS provider in the Cloud since 2003. Data for millions of cases and claims reside in CaseManagerPro. It provides the highest degrees of versatility and scalability, while still being exceptionally easy to use and navigate. Its open architecture, accessibility and diverse tools allow not only efficiency and productivity, but reduced risk, better supervision and great responsiveness. It is the ultimate system to manage the business of law.

Richard Spies

President, Chief Executive Officer and Shareholder

Mr. Spies joined Lucid IQ in June, 2000, as a business veteran with a wealth of experience. Having owned successful securities and real estate businesses, he knows how critical client service and responsiveness are to success and the value of organization and information management. His corporate experience – where practice standards, organization and systems were so critical – led directly to his keen interest in Lucid IQ. As regional VP over asset portfolios at NCNB (now Bank of America), leader of portfolio valuation and management development for the largest FDIC asset contractor, and as the Finance Manager of the multi-billion dollar Goldman-Sachs/JER real estate securities venture, he was consistently focused on effective large-scale management.

(See more about Richard Spies including client recommendations at LinkedIn.)

Kevin Ames

Co-Founder and Shareholder

Mr. Ames has been deeply involved in legal case management since he co-founded Lucid IQ in 1999 with his Raytheon colleagues. He was the lead engineer and architect for CaseManagerPro from the beginning and became CTO for Lucid IQ in 2001. Instrumental in the many decisions that led to the success of the program and company, he has now taken CaseManagerPro and his engineering team through three full generations of deployment. Prior to founding Lucid IQ, Mr. Ames served as a lead engineer for Federal Military Defense Technologies at Hughes Aircraft and then Raytheon Systems. He holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in mathematics from Case Western Reserve, cum laude, and Claremont Graduate School and is well published in technical periodicals.

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