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The Company

Lucid IQ was incorporated in 1999 as Solutions in Software, Inc., a Texas C-Corp. Formed by a group of Raytheon engineers, since our second year we have specialized in development and deployment of our legal enterprise platform software for case management, CaseManagerPro (currently “CMPv3”). We consult with our clients to implement technology strategies to capture, manage and deliver information in the most efficient and productive manner per their stated objectives.

Technical Knowledge & Design

CaseManagerPro was initially developed for a major law firm client to manage large scale mass tort litigation – something that even a decade later is a rare capability. Our Raytheon “rocket scientist” co-founders had the foresight to go web-based even after the .COM crash, something everyone else had abandoned. They designed a relational platform in SQL-Server to handle the complexity of millions of asbestos shipyard claims with work and medical histories, product and jobsite cross reference, legal issues and secondary exposure and much more. That sophistication also provided a rock-solid platform to support the remarkably robust functional capabilities that deliver the systemization for which we are so well regarded. Our third generation program, CMPv3, still handles mass tort better than anything on the market, but also easily adapts to a broad variety of other practices – even non-legal.

Responsive Ingenuity

We are also known for problem solving. We set ourselves up for that when we took on the mission to optimize results for some of the largest and most complex practices ever. We understand that, just as our customers must be responsive to their clients, we must be responsive to them. We actively embrace that responsibility. We release five or six program updates every year that meet specific requirements of one client with solutions that benefit most of the others. Many if not most of the valuable tools found in CaseManagerPro resulted directly from client collaboration.

Enthusiastic Service

Bill Graham of Wallace & Graham, a 70 employee firm in NC, was recently asked during a performance assessment survey how Lucid IQ rated for overall customer service. He responded “I grade really tough on customer service, so I’d have to say an A-.” He is tough.

Our priorities are always listed at the top of our weekly company meeting agenda, and #1 never changes – “Exceptional Customer Service”. Our helpdesk is open every business day from about 7 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. We have 24/7 emergency tech support and 24/7 physical presence at our data hosting center. We strive to address every need as close to instantly as humanly possible, and our clients appreciate it (see Service Feedback). If a customer feels they are not getting the service they deserve they are invited to contact our CEO, Richard Spies, directly to discuss it.

Our Customers

Our clients include some of the largest and most respected law firms and corporations, but we also serve smaller practices as well as insurance companies, non-profits and specialized operations. We help them improve organizational workflow and overall effectiveness by delivering the right information to the right people at the right time. We combine an advanced understanding of business processes, practices and technology, allowing us to effectively address each client’s unique set of needs. (See Clients)

Lucid IQ Plans and Initiatives

CMP Express (“CMPx”). Beginning in 2010, Lucid IQ is moving aggressively into the small practice arena, including small firms, corporate legal departments, and practice groups within larger firms. Our major challenge is how to deliver CaseManagerPro cost effectively given the breadth and depth of its configurability and functionality. See how we are accomplishing that with CMPx, our cloud-based offering for smaller practices.

Customized Data and Document Processing Centers

The capabilities that we have developed in managing large volumes of data, systems integration and complexity of information have provided opportunities to get beyond traditional legal case management. Larger CaseManagerPro deployments often have specialized intake personnel or contractors to process data and/or documents as well as integrations to incorporate important data into management and. Recent updates provide fully automated data and document processing and uploading using CMPv3 enhancements, third party software and custom middleware (see Document Processing Agent).

Online Resources Center

We have created a “Resources” area for our clients (Client Login) as well as non-clients (Resources) that is just beginning to be populated with CaseManagerPro, general case management and legal technology information. Our objective is to leverage the work of our staff, clients, partners and others that will contribute to knowledgeable decisions about technology for the industry.

Collaboration Initiative

CaseManagerPro has always provided the ability to allow managed access for client, co-counsel and other secondary, limited-use purposes. Our longer-term objectives are to be able to not only share information, but to manage projects and relationships in integrated “extranet” style records (now in development), and eventually to share useful configurations and processes to benefit the courts and the industry.

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